Killer Kamote Komiks is mostly about anything that I could think of, which I think can be made into comics form. Other times, though it can be like a slice-of-life kind of comics. But most of the time I try to make it like a gag-a day/weekly/monthly single issue comic strip whenever I try to make it silly and funny. I don't have any specific theme or format that I follow, I just make whatever comes into my head so forgive me if you even find something that's lowbrow for anyone's standards. Just don't take it, too seriously though. I try to make every comic strip funny, debatable, I guess. Albeit I would like to apologize if the jesters is too, corny. As long as I'm giving myself and hopefully others, too some sort of amusement and entertainment then that's good for me.
To those people who don't know what "kamote" is, it's actually a sweet potato. It's also a slang term which means dumbass or a stupid person in Filipino like me, most of the time.  Some of the comics that I have made here were inspired by some of my good friends. ^___^

Hello there! My name is Arvin Valenzuela and the photo above is my ugly mug. I was almost a graduate of  a Civil Engineering degree but due to some problems, I instead took up animation. I also realized that I will not enjoy having any kind of job that is anything related to engineering. I am now a freelance 3D artist / illustrator / graphic artist based in Metro Manila, Philippines and I create comics in my spare time.

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If ever you want to get in touch with me, ask me to do something for you (just don't ask me to do any death-defying acts), commission me to do some 3D or 2D work, then send me message, you can send comments, suggest suggestions, violent reactions and even spam, direct it to my email at: aav2182@yahoo.com

If you want to see my most recent online portfolio, please tell me so, so I can send you the link.

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February 7, 2016
To save you guys some trouble browsing this website, here's the direct link where you can download all the comics that I've made: